Protect Yourself With Pre-Sale Building Inspections

Protect Yourself With Pre-Sale Building Inspections

When buying real estate, nothing convinces the potential buyers that they are offering too much for a property, then to learn the building is infested with unwanted pests or has a structural downside. All too many deals get canceled during the cooling off period because the buyer orders a pre-purchase bug and building evaluation and finds of a previously unknown problem which will be expensive to remediate. These breakthrough discoveries are not necessarily something being concealed by the seller -- the seller never knew the conditions existed. But when these problems come to light, for example, when a buyer orders an evaluation from the Brisbane building inspectors, the result is often a canceled deal or renegotiation. Savvy buyers and even savvier sellers use Brisbane building assessments to protect their investments.

Is it the seller's responsibility to disclose property flaws?

Although in all sales transaction, full disclosure is the goal, states do not place a duty on sellers to discover latent problems with their propertiesVital Building Inspections. Often sellers are blissfully unaware of major bug problems, particularly termites and wood-destroying unwanted pests that are eating away at their home. As a consumer, if you are about to invest a significant sum of money in a property, let a professional open your eyes as to the you are buying. During the pre-purchase phase of evaluation, a bug control expert can detect the presence of wood-destroying pests and a building inspector can provde the details of the structural integrity of the driveway -- all during the cooling off period. Likewise, a full evaluation is a wise investment before a property auction, and before you plunk down you hard-earned money. The cost of the evaluation is minimal in comparison to the cost of the surprise you may find down the road.

Why you should invest in a pre-sale Bug and Building Evaluation?

When you've found a buyer who would like the property and is happy to meet your price, you do not want to lose the deal as a result of problem discovered during a pre-purchase bug and building evaluation. Head off the headache. A professional inspector can uncover problems and give you the chance to correct them before buyers even set foot on the property. How preferable to get your price than to show a potential consumer that you have had the driveway scrutinized and fixed all of the problems? How preferable to avoid expensive delays or cancellations and stay a step ahead of your purchasers? A pre-sale Brisbane building evaluation will pay for itself many times over.

When selling or buying a property, the wise investor will do a pre-purchase or pre-sale bug and building evaluation from a Brisbane building inspector. It is money well spent!

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