What is the cost of maintaining an app in 2022?

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Have you invested a large amount of money to create a full-fledged mobile application for your business but still not got the optimum traffic or just failed to generate any sort of revenue on your business investment?

There is no doubt that the entire world is going completely digital and mobile application development is the only key to our success. But this is not some sort of top-secret that only you are aware of. Businesses around the globe are much more familiar with this specific point and have already entered the mobile app industry and creating a buzz.

Development of an application is like purchasing a home that requires regular investment and multiple efforts for maintaining, cleaning, and upgrading it to make sure its attractiveness and value will last longer. Like this only, as soon as your application goes live, your ultimate responsibility immediately shifts from developing an app to spending time maintaining it to deliver a better experience for users and minimizing the number of uninstalls.

Benefits of Long-Term Mobile App Maintenance and its Future Aspects

Users Appreciate Updated and Maintained App Version

Updating an application with the latest technology and implementing various new features in the application will help you serve completely fresh yet useful features. When you hire a best mobile app development company in USA, you are going to make the applications maintenance process much faster and easier.

Minimize Uninstalling and App Abandon Rate

Maintaining the application over the long-term means you are constantly working to fix the various bugs that can impact the performance of the applications. Ensuring that your app works flawlessly without any kind of errors, will keep your user base happy and retaining them.

Ensuring Better Customer Experience

For a great application experience, you need to monitor and anlayse your application performance, evaluate customers feedback and review the market trends to stay updated with the changing preferences of the users.

Saves You From Getting Blacklist on the App Store

The biggest advantage of investing in the application maintenance services is to allow you and everyone to keep your app super compatible with the play store updates and continue to provide an uninterrupted UX.

Avoid Uncertain Downtimes

The more the downtime, the bigger the loss. And no expert company will bother with this kind of loss. Regular mobile app maintenance is very helpful in avoiding such fateful circumstances.

Best Practices to maintain a Mobile Application in 2022

Updating New Features In App

By evaluating and analysing the users feedback and usage pattern, you can very easily determine the areas of improvement of your application and be able to adapt several ideas that ensure much better updates to your application.

Fixing Bugs and App Issues in Real-Time

To get rid of such kind of bugs and various mobile app issues, it is very important to conduct various automatic and application testing at manual level at different stages of app development. Regardless of how brilliant the mobile application development company in USA, you have employed on the specific project, developing an application that is bug free is not possible.

Compatible to New Hardware and Software

Technology just keeps on changing, it never remains constant. Whether an iOS or an Android application, there is always a new version coming out to transform the UX every year. And if we are going to talk about the hardware services, just think about how many various mobile devices are released every specific year with the latest specifications. To keep your application running in the market, make sure your application is compatible with all the new and latest devices and other operating systems.

Stay In Touch With App Development Team

If you have outsourced the development of the app to an app development company, then it is always a good consideration to stick to those experts itself. It will make sure hassle-free, very quick, and painless solutions that various developers would know exactly what kind of technologies they have used in app development process and what needs tokeep it updated in case a new operating system version comes out in the market.

How much does it cost to maintain your mobile application?

The advantage about the application maintenance is that there is a high no. of possibility to make a fair prediction. We understand your fact that developing a mobile application requires a very high cost and after that bearing that maintenance charge is a big concern. But if you are there considering developing a mobile application by getting hired a mobile app development company, they will let you know these expenses in advance and prepare you well ahead of the time. Contact us as we provide the best kind of mobile app development service.

Just keep one thing clear in your mind that most of the mobile app development companies suggest that, on an average, the cost of maintaining the application will be 20% to 25% of the overall budget that you spend on total application development process. The maintenance cost of the application will be usually higher in the very first year of the app launch but at the latest, it will be reduced to only 10% to 15% for each and every year.

  • Small-Size Mobile App Development Companies: USD 17,500 - 20,0000 for each platform (20% to 25% will be the cost of maintenance)
  • Medium-Size Mobile App Development Agencies: USD 20,000 - 25,0000 for each platform (20% to 25% will be the cost of maintenance)
  • Large-Size Mobile App Development Companies: USD 22,500 - 27,0000 for each platform (20% to 25% will be the cost of maintenance)


When you are planning to develop a mobile application, its maintenance should be your utmost priority to keep your application existing in the specific market for the entire next decade. While there are several other alternatives to keep your application fit to all the devices and operating systems, nothing could replace the expert knowledge of the professionals.

So to keep your applcation maintained and updated according to the needs, it is worth looking to hire a android application development company in USA that provides a complete package of mobile app maintenance solutions. They will run your application on various devices to make sure it is prevented from any sort of bugs and offer a great UI/UX design that ensures a seamless UX. By collaborating with the various kind of professionals, you can stay completely up tp date and get high ratings on the app store.

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