Six Best Cities For International Students To Live And Study Abroad In Canada

Dreaming to study abroad in Canada - the land of maple leaves? Feed your desire to pursue your major by choosing the best city to live in Canada.

Dreaming tostudy abroad in Canada - the land of maple leaves? Feed your desire to pursue your major by choosing the best city to live in Canada. With this achievable blog, you no longer need to move from pillar to post. Instead, pour through the post to learn about the six best Canadian cities that offer a mesmerizing atmosphere, a motley of ethnicity, and an accessible lifestyle.

  1. Montral

First on the list is a cosmopolitan city with a broad landscape and a barrage of world-recognized universities. Montreal offers a queue of affordable studying and living options to international students. The city has earned a rank of #9 as per QS World Rankings, which justifies the surge in students flying to find accommodation here. Also, Montreal came 2nd in the list of students view rank.

Montreal will exploit you with world-class accommodations, natural beauty, and an excellent standard of living.

  1. toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, ranks the highest amongst the best Canadian cities. The city is home to a queue of prominent universities, which has added to students' choice of electing the city as a popular educational hub. Toronto bears a diverse blend of cultures, with almost fifty per cent of the total population belonging to minority communities. The QS World Rankings offered Toronto the 13th rank, an adequate rank to attract citizens and international students alike to come and stay in the city. For your information, Canadians speak over 160 languages! It might be the place for you to live and work.

  1. vancouver

Next up is Vancouver, with its peaceful life and breathtaking landscapes. Located in British Columbias west province, Vancouver flashes its 18th rank in the QS World Ranking. Moreover, Vancouver has earned the name best living place in the world.

Vancouver homes tech sharks like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The Canadians predominantly prefer speaking in French and English. This makes it better for international students to shoulder one pressure to learn a new language and then understand the country's culture.

  1. Ottawa

Ottawa has earned the 53rd run in the QS World Ranking and is well-known for its world-class educational institutions with qualified faculty. The city welcomes international students from every culture and hosts immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Once you complete your education and earn a degree, you will get many opportunities to land a high-paying job in your respective fields. Ottawa is also one of the best cities to stay in Ottawa with owning the most prominent tech park in Canada. Ottawa also earned the title safest city to live in Canada.

  1. quebec city

Quebec City is a French-speaking province that is another best place to choose for your stay in Canada. Quebec City is a well-known and visitor-friendly place in Canada as it owns a range of renowned European feel and ancient architecture.

Quebec City is the second-largest cosmopolitan Canadian city, also inhabited by a considerable percentage of minorities. Quebec City has the lowest unemployment rate among all other cities in Canada. You are recommended to use public commute sources to cut down on cost yet enjoy comfortability. The vast network of ferries and buses will make living affordable and accessible here in Quebec City. Quebec City, which has earned 113 ranks in QS World Ranking, offers excellent and economical education to international students.

  1. Calgary

A well-maintained city with engaging cultural life and world-beating universities is what describes Calgary at its best. In addition, the city offers high-class educational courses to attract students from all corners of the world. So, if you want to pursue a STEM course in Canada, no city other than Calgary can meet your expectations and requirements. Also, if you are interested in experiencing futuristic learning and technical development, Calgary is the best city to choose from in Canada. Famous for its world-class eateries and soothing beauty, Calgary offers a culturally rich lifestyle to students.

Parting thoughts

The five cities listed above make Canada a proud nation best forIndians studying abroad - the first-class lifestyle and the very-best education system. Canada is all here to fulfill your dream to kick-start your academic journey all over again from a new nation and live your dream. So make your career success by choosing one of the cities to stay in Canada. All the best.

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