How To Save Money On Airfare: The Ultimate Guide

Airfare is one of the costliest aspects of traveling. Even if you’re an avid globetrotter, it’s hard to keep track of fluctuating prices and new deals constantly popping up. To make matters worse, there are currently record-high fares for all major international destinations. Luckily,

Book Ahead

If theres one thing you can do to slash your airfare bills, its to book early or, as they say, book ahead. Airfares are one of the few expenses where saving a few bucks here and there can result in big savings over the whole trip. If youre flying somewhere expensive, like Asia or Europe, you can often save hundreds if not thousands of dollars just by booking your flight as soon as you know your itinerary. Even if youre traveling for a short period of time, booking early can save you serious cash. For example, booking an airline ticket three weeks in advance can save you close to $500. And if you have a lat-ish trip, you can save even more. Book early for a trip that takes place over a five-day period and you can save as much as $1,500.

Dont Fly On Tuesdays or Wednesdays

One of the best ways to get an affordable flight is to avoid flying on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. These days are known for major airline routings, which are often packed with planes. Even small airports like Phoenix and Denver, which dont usually see a ton of flights on other days of the week, see major loads on Tuesday and Wednesday. Its worth noting that Tuesdays are also big days for domestic travel, while Thursdays tend to see the most international travel. To avoid flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, youll want to book as far in advance as possible. And while booking two months ahead can be impractical, its worth looking at booking at least a month ahead to avoid these days. As long as the other days in your trip arent especially busy, you can often fly on a less-crowded day and still get the same flight time.

Plan Your route strategically

When youre planning your route, pay attention to the time difference between yourself and your final destination. If youre flying from, say, San Francisco to New York, youll want to avoid flying into Chicago or Washington, D.C., as these cities are a long way from the Big Apple. Similarly, you might be able to save by flying into Atlanta or Dallas instead of New York or Washington, D.C., which are a long way from San Francisco. Ideally, you want to fly into the city where youre actually going and out of the one youre passing through. If youre flying from San Francisco to New York, youll want to avoid flying into Chicago or Washington, D.C., as theyre a long way from the main event. Instead, you can fly into New York or New Jersey and then travel out of Chicago or Washington, D.C. Youll want to avoid flying directly in to major coastal cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, as these flights are a long way from the cities themselves. Instead, aim for a city like San Diego or Las Vegas on the coast thats closer to the heartland of the West Coast. GetAffordable Flight TicketsIn Our Website ( Airticket Pro ).

Stick to low-cost carriers for the best value

Low-cost carriers offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to flying. Often referred to as budget airlines, these operators offer high-quality service at close to no cost. While some carriers also offer high-fare paid tickets, the majority of these flights are free of charge. If youre willing to forego some of the most expensive seats and check-in options, you can often fly on a budget airline for as little as $100 or $150 round-trip. Some of the best budget flights can be found on regional airlines that fly short regional routes, like Allegiant Air, which flies from many major cities to nearby airports in Florida and Texas. In recent years, more and more international budget carriers have entered the U.S. market. Alaska Airlines, for example, offers Seattle to Vancouver flights for as low as $299 round-trip.

Diversify your destination base and choose flexible flights

Its important to diversify your airfare bases and destinations. If you only fly to major cities, youre likely to get hit with some of the highest fares for the most popular destinations. For example, if you only fly to New York, youre likely to pay exorbitant airfares to fly to London and Paris as well. By diversifying your airfare bases, you can help reduce the risk of paying a high fare for a specific flight. Try flying to one city and then hopping on a low-cost carrier or budget airline to a nearby city. This helps to diversify your airfare bases and stretches your travel budget a bit.

Bottom line

Airfares can be infuriating, but they dont have to be if you follow these tactics. By booking your tickets as far in advance as possible, avoiding Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and flying on a budget airline, you can often save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next airfare.

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