Tre Sterling announces return for 2021 season

High Noon Highlights (12/30): Tre Sterling announces return for 2021 season

It's high noon... Tre Sterling announces return for next season: The safety took to Twitter following Oklahoma State's 37-34 victory in the Cheez-it Bowl to tell fans that he has chosen to remain a Cowboy for one more year. "First of all, I would like to start by saying thank you God for putting me in this position and keeping me healthy Caleb Warren Jersey," Sterling said. " Thank you to my family, friends, and teammates for the constant support and love. Y'all mean everything to me."Unfinished business. This is huge news for Jim Knowles and his staff. Sterling was a huge piece of this year's fantastic defensive unit. An analysis of Gundy's Cheez-it Bath:Shout out to Ben Hutchens of the O'Colly for coming through with what the people really want. He did the most in-depth look at a coach getting dumped by a bucket of Cheez-its I've ever seen. When the camera found Cowboys Tre Sterling and the previously mentioned Presley looking for a Gatorade cooler on the sideline with the game clock dwindling down, everyone knew what was coming. The duo found a cooler stashed with Cheez-It crackers and ran onto the field looking in every direction for coach Mike Gundy. It was after Gundy shook hands with Miami's Manny Diaz that the pair found their coach, and they tipped thousands of crackers on their surprised coach. It wasn't a flawless execution of a celebratory coach-dunking, as it took a while after the game for Gundy to be showered in cheese, but because an estimated 90% of the crackers landed on Gundy and forced him to tug at his collar to get them out of his shirt, it was worthy of a letter grade that would make mom happy. O'Colly Brennan Presley speaks to media following bowl game: Mike Gundy doesn't tend to let first-year players speak to members of the media. That changed last night after freshman wide receiver Brennan Presley had the game of his early career with three touchdowns, the most in a bowl preformance since Justin Blackmon, and six catches for 118 yards..wide receiver Brennan Presley (says a lot of the the things he learned during his time with have carried over to Stillwater. "It felt a little bit like high school I'm not gonna lie," Presley said. "You're playing Miami the No.18 team in the country and they're known for always know for having a great team. Coming into the game they told us on the scouting report they have great athletes all over the field Tobias Braun Jersey. So me going out there and doing that it gives me great sense confidence to know that things I did in high school I can still do now." Around the Big 12:Basketball power rankings Cotton Bowl QATexas Bowl Cancelled Song of the Day:

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