The Cost of Towing Services in Hawaii

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Quikhooks towing is a Honolulu based tow truck company. According to the Hawaii Towing Association, the average cost of atowing services in Hawaiiis $125. This price can vary depending on the location, time of day, and type of vehicle being towed. For example, a tow during rush hour in Honolulu is likely to be more expensive than a mid-day tow for a car parked in a lot or garage. In addition, towing a luxury car will typically cost more than towing a standard sedan. As such, it's important to factor in these variable costs when budgeting for a tow in Hawaii. While the average cost is approximately $125, it's not uncommon for prices to range from $100 to $200 depending on the circumstances.

When you need to have your car towed, it is important to know what additional factors can impact the cost of the services provided by towing companies in Hawaii. The distance from the tow truck to the car, the type of tow truck required, and regional labor rates are all obvious factors that can have an effect on the final price of towing your car may be. Furthermore, some Hawaii towing companies charge by the hour while others offer flat rate towing. In addition, some companies may charge an additional fee for emergency roadside services or for towing vehicles that are not drivable. Some towing providers may also offer discounts for members of AAA or other auto clubs. It is important to ask local towing companies like Quikhooks towing about any additional fees before you agree to have your car towed, as they can quickly add up. By understanding the factors that affect tow truck prices, you can make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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