Know About The Paper & Cardboard Recycling Process

Here you get information about the paper & cardboard recycling process.!

Do you want to know about paper and cardboard recycling.? The recycling process is done after the paper and cardboard materials have been separated from each other. A few steps are involved in this process. First, the material is broken down into smaller pieces with a machine. Later it is heated which helps to remove moisture from it and then crushed stone is added for final processing before being melted down together. Each process requires some energy, which means fewer carbon emissions released and therefore reduces pollution. As a result, we are contributing to saving the environment.

At Green Planet, we responsibly recycle paper and cardboard. We do not use a shredder or placer to recover the waste. Instead, a controlled burn is made to extract the heat from melting waste materials and burn it off. This means that the compostable materials are broken down through microbes without releasing harmful fumes or harmful gases.

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