What is exactly Epix.com/devices and How it works ?

EPIX, an MGM company, is a premium television network delivering a broad line-up of quality original series and documentaries, the latest movie releases and classic film franchises – all available on TV, on demand, online and across devices.

Epix.com/deviceshas tripled the amount of original programming on the network and has become a destination for original premium content with series including Get Shorty, starring Chris ODowd and Ray Romano; spy thriller Deep State; docu-series Elvis Goes There with Elvis Mitchell and PUNK from John Varvatos and Iggy Pop and, premiering later this year, new series Godfather of Harlem, starring and executive produced by Forest Whitaker; Pennyworth, the origin story of Batmans butler Alfred; Perpetual Grace, LTD, starring Sir Ben Kingsley; Belgravia, from Julian Fellowes; docu-series Slow Burn, based on the hit podcast and weekly series NFL: The Grind, from NFL Films. Launched in October 2009, EPIX is available nationwide through cable, telco, satellite and emerging digital distribution platforms as well as through its EPIX NOW app, providing more movies than any other network with thousands of titles available for streaming.

epixnow.com/activate Easy Guide To Activate Epix Now on your Xbox Console

Are you under the impression that Xbox is just a gaming console? Then you havent seen the versatility of Xbox. With Epix Now, you can activate your Xbox by visiting epixnow.com/activate/.

  1. Go to your home screen and then click Store to install Epix Now on your Xbox.
  2. Click on Browse Apps.
  3. Epix can be downloaded and installed by searching for it in the search icon.
  4. You can activate the Epix app by clicking on the app on your home screen.
  5. Browse the available films or shows. A code will be provided to you for activation.
  6. AtEpix.com/devices, you simply need to choose your cable TV provider.
  7. Login with your cable TV provider to access the site. Once you select your device, a unique code is displayed.
  8. Xbox One must be selected in the above field.

Easy Steps To Activate Epix Now On Roku

Currently, Roku is the most popular streaming service in the US. Following these steps below will help you activate Epix Now on Roku:

  1. Open the Channel Store by clicking your Roku Home button.
  2. On your Rokus channel store, tap the Add channel button to add Epix Now.
  3. Open Epix Now once it has been installed.
  4. Sign in using your channels unique activation code by clicking the sign-in button.
  5. Activate your product by scanning the barcode with a smartphone or computer or by going to epixnow.com/activate.
  6. Your device activation code will be asked for on the screen.
  7. You can access Epix Now on Roku by entering the code and clicking Submit.

How much does Epix cost?

Epix usually costs about $5.99 per month as a cable channel. Youll have to check your local providers to confirm or to look for special deals. Epix isnt just limited to cable subscribers though. Cord cutters have a great option, outlined below.

How to Get Epix Now 7-Day Free Trial (2022)

EPIX Now, a new streaming service launched by EPIX network, allows cord-cutters to enjoy a rich collection of movies and originals whenever they like. While EPIX Now and EPIX may sound a little confusing, dont worry. In this post, well show you every detail about EPIX Now, including how it works, what to watch and how you can get it for free in the easiest way.

How To Get EPIX NOW Free Trial

There are various ways you can watch Epix and enjoy the free trial. The easiest way is to claim it onEPIX Now. Simply sign up for a new account, and youll get 7 days for free plus 6 months of subscription at only $15.

Besides, multiple digital providers offer EPIX streaming with free trials. By taking advantage of all these tricks, you can actuallywatch EPIX freely for up to 3 months.

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