What is VIP Matka?

Satta Matka is a type of gambling or lottery that had originated just before the independence of India.

What is VIP Matka?

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You can place bids on any Panna Matka or Single, Jodi, numbers. You can win a Matka game by conjecturing the Matka number of a specific Satta Market and placing a bid on that Matka number before the Matka result is avowed.

Terminology of satta matka

Single - Any single digit among 0 and 9.

Jodi - Any pair of two digits between 00 and ninty nine.

Panna - Any 3 digit between 100 - 999 that are in mounting order with the exception of 0 (which should always come at the last position), can be a panna also known as patti.

SP - Single Patti is Panna with all 3 numbers unique.

DP - Double Patti is Panna with 2 of the three numbers same.

TP - Tripple Patti is Panna with all 3 numbers the same.

Open - The Open and exact result of the Satta Market.

Close - The Close result of the Satta Market.

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