All you require to recognize about smart mirrors

Smart technology is now included with our home life like in no way before.

Virtual assistant such as Google and Alexa can react to our voice instructions to play music from speaker, control living room illumination and even make active robot vacuums.

As this type of technology continues to evolve and turn into more reasonable, many of us are looking for ways to make daily tasks quicker and easier, including how we go about using our bathroom.

Smart mirrorstechnology in bathrooms is nothing new think canada style smart toilets which have been approximately for decades. But amazing which is comparatively new on the scene are smart mirrors. Heres what you require to know concerning them.

What actually is a smart mirror?

If you do a quick Google search for smart mirror, youll get quite a range of dissimilar results. Many people associatesmart mirrors canadawith something that is akin to a touch screen tablet that can display the time, weather, calendar, news, social media and more.

The type of smart mirrors we are referring to in this post are the type that are less like a computer on the wall and are primarily designed to help you perform your daily bathroom tasks more easily. These mirrors have adaptable lighting, Bluetooth connectivity as well as other convenient features. Well explore some of this skin below.

Adjustable lighting

ManyCanada smart mirrorshave adaptable LED light options with the ability to switch between different shades of light such as warm light, normal light and cool light. These special lights can be used for different activities. Warm light is great for apply makeup as it best represent sunlight, while cool lighting is best for exactitude grooming like chip.

In adding to being able to switch light shades,smart mirroralso allow you to dim and lighten the lighting, so you can make the right mood for whatever youre doing, whether youre getting ready for a night out on the town or taking a long immerse in a fizz bath.

The mirrors have small touch buttons on the screen to alter between the different light setting rather than having a click in type key. Not having a click button is a more hygienic and easier to spotless option.

Bluetooth connectivity

In adding to having modifiable lighting features, somesmart mirror canadamodels have Bluetooth speaker connectivity. By enable this feature, you be clever to play music through the inherent speakers in the mirror via Spottily, YouTube or your phones music library.

This lets you listen to music at the same time as you are have a shower, receiving decent and doing your makeup. Its absolutely a great feature for receiving pumped up while receiving ready for a nighttime out or for location a bit of a loving mood.

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