Where to buy Flares in Lost Ark? - A Complete Guide

Since Lost Ark players haven’t used Flares enough, this guide will explain where players can get these useful combat items.

Lost Ark has been around since the end of 2019 and still regularly releases new content, but even after all that time, the NA Lost Ark community is struggling to get Signal Flares to its player base. Of course, these combat items have no use in PVP, Abyssal Dungeons, or most other content, but they can save players a lot of time in Guardian Raids. This guide is designed to make sure everyone knows how easy these items are to get, where they come from, and how players can craft their Flares in Lost Ark. Below are all available approaches (from most to least efficient).

How to get Flares in Lost Ark?
Players can acquire these combat items in many ways, from crafting them to using NPCs to build them, and even buying them outright.

Where to get it: Select the treasure chest
Picking chests is by far the best and most efficient way to get Flares, with crafting a close second. As players progress from level 1 to level 50, they may acquire numerous types of chests. But these chests arent all, as theyre constantly being handed out as daily login rewards, event rewards, and more. While some might argue that when players need more HP potion consumables, its best to keep them in storage, but one chest only provides five of these, and one will be used each time the Guardian Raid is used. Given that players can only earn rewards from Guardian Raids twice a day, one crate is actually equivalent to two and a half days of Signal Flares.

Where to craft: Stronghold Alchemist NPCs
Strongholds are definitely the best way to get Flares in Lost Ark, but a lot of players dont want to bother with the clutter of its systems and the marketplace is much more convenient. Players only need to obtain 20 natural pearls from the fishing skill and 35 wild flowers from the foraging skill to make three Flare. It takes about eight minutes to make a batch of Flares with virtually zero energy for action. Of course, fishing and foraging for all these materials may take a while, but life skills are worth upgrading anyway, and worst of all, players can also buy the materials they need from the market.

The Alchemist NPC, like Fern, can be found in most major cities in Lost Ark, and is basically a secondary way for players to craft their own Flares. Strongholds are generally more efficient, but are another option for those who are lazy or ignore strongholds entirely.

Where to buy: Market Marys Store
Like almost all combat items in Lost Ark, Flares can be purchased from the Gold Market and are usually cheap, too. Of course, market prices change all the time, but Flares tend to stay on the cheaper side. That said, players should never buy signal Flares for more than 10 gold unless the gold is inflated significantly. Maris Shop is a goldmine of useful items that players who dont frequent the shop are really missing out on. One can get a ton of relational items, card packs, and battle items at IGGM for extremely cheap prices, especially when the gold market is volatile. The only downside is that the shop only needs blue crystals, and these can cost a lot of Lost Ark gold, secondly depending on the market at the time. Still, for the most part, players can get a decent amount of Flares with a decent amount of crystals if they want.

Thats all for a complete guide on where to buy Flares in Lost Ark. Some interested players can try to explore it as much as possible. It will be more or less helpful to them. If players still dont understand the details. If so, they can consult the professional Lost Ark service provider IGGM for more precise answers. There, you can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold in case you run out of supplies while youre exploring Lost Ark.