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Asthma symptoms can be treated with an Asthalin 100mcg inhaler and Ventolin 100mg. The following includes information on these medications that you may review or visit our website to learn more about them.

Shortness of breath, cough, and wheezing related to asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are treated with Asthalin 100mcg. Asthalin 100mcg inhaler belongs to the class of medications known as bronchodilators or relievers; they provide immediate relief from breathing problems. There are 200 puffs in all. In any event, this inhaler is not addictive, although continued usage may help you maintain asthma control. It's a metered dosage inhaler that works like a pump and delivers a precise dose into the lungs. This inhaler is known as a "reliever" since it provides immediate relief from breathing problems and the effects linger for several hours. Patients can use an inhaler to control their medication.

One Ventolin 100mcg can be used as a single minimal beginning dosage to relieve acute asthma symptoms like bronchospasm. If required, increase the number of inhalations to two. Two inhalations should be administered 10-15 minutes before the challenge to avoid allergy or exercise-induced discomfort.

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