Elden Ring: How to Find the Elden Ring in Waypoint Ruins

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Instead of focusing this beast's ability solely through smug guards and guardsmen, Superlouis64 has taken his fight directly to Godrick. Amazingly enough, he gets rid of the boss in no time completely. Look at these photos and be depressed forElden Ring Runes yourself below.

There's also additional footage from Superlouis64 taking on Elden Ring with the banana controller. How he came up this extraordinary device cannot be understood by me. It's hard to imagine how anyone can be able to match this feat of sheer absurdity. What's next? Has anyone beaten Radahn by using the aid of an air fryer? (please those who are masochists here should try this)Elden Ring's famed difficulty has been stimulating all sorts of bizarre reactions from fans. Two speedrunners played the game in less than one hour.

Elden Ring: How to Find the Elden Ring in Waypoint Ruins

Elden Ring has many items littered across its stunning open landscape, and many of them are kept out of the player's reach in order to encourage exploration. With the introduction of Torrent Elden Ring's magical mount, as well as jumping buttons, FromSoftware has been creative with its verticality. It has put a number of objects that are hidden above andcheap Elden Ring Items below the player. One such item can be found to be found in Waypoint Ruins, in Western Limgrave, the opening section of the map. This guide will help players locate and pick up the rare crafting item that will aid them on their way.

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