There's no need to improve

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And, now, I whole heartedly, 100% don't want toElden Ring Runes suggest an old-fashioned game mechanic developed by developers should be replaced by some smaller 'one size fits all' solution that accommodates the talents of the majority of gamers.

However, I'm still unable to see a valid reason as to why there can't be a different option that is geared towards players who can't devote their gaming hours until eventual success. There is an alternative where enemy strikes have with a bit less HP or parry windows can be slightly less tolerant... I'm sure you are familiar with the basic gist.

'But there's no choice! There's no need to improve! better!', has been the general response in the past, whenever I've come across the subject on other message groups.

In my post, I pointed out that the game was not equipped withelden ring weapons for sale a pause feature (a Pause button! It's nothing like the use of cheat codes!) In fact, I heard from a chap that not having a pause button was a 'feature' of the game.Let's clarify this. The skill tree can be described as an option. A dialogue option is an additional feature.Not adding something is not an option.

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