A neighbor friend fucked his Escort wife

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A neighbor friendfuckedhis Escort wife

Hello friends, my name is Aditya and I have brought my story to you. Let me tell you that I have been a reader of Antarvasana for the last 14 years. Here I have read many great sex creations and after that, I also started the process of sharing my experiences with you. Let me introduce myself briefly so that you may know about me. I am from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. My village is very small. I am 29 years old and my height is 5 feet and 9 inches. I am a tough body and my cock is of normal size. Today I am going to tell you a decade-old story of myDelhi Escortslife. At least 9 years have passed since this incident. At that time I was pursuing my post-graduation. I used to have a friend who got married at a young age. He often used to share with me the things of his intercourse with his wife. After listening to his chudai, my heart also used to have sex. I didn't have any means to have sex, so just used to pacify the cock with my hand. Hearing his talk of sex every day, sex was filling up inside me.

One day he told the story of his wife's chudai in such a way that he could notlive with me. I also started wanting to enjoy the chudai of friend's wifetold him- man, give me bhi file na (pussy) once? what will be gone? He was surprised to hear my words. Then he said are you crazy, man she is my wife. How can I get you her? But we were close friends so I didn't hesitate. I kept telling him over and over again; I had no fear of offending him. Then, in the end, he said - it's okay man... I try to make it happen. I became happy after listening to him and laddoos started bursting into my mind. That night, I slept with fists twice in a row thinking of hitting his wife's pussy. Then the next day I was waiting for him to call. I was walking restlessly since morning; I was praying in my mind that just once he should make hisEscorts in Delhikiss me. Suddenly his call came and I jumped. He invited me to his house. When I reached his house, he sent his brother to get the goods from the shop. He deliberately took the name of a shop that was far away from there. Then after his brother left, he told me you go inside, I had done all the talking yesterday. He knows that you are going to come today.

Although I was very eager to kill his wife's pussy, but when I started going inside, I was also scared. But my lust was so much that the cock was erect.London Escortswas sitting there on the bed. He neither looked at me nor did I! I took off my shirt comfortably and took off my pants and got into my underwear. My loaf was taut. The friend's wife was constantly looking down. She was wearing a maxi and had a bun. Then I took out the condom from the pocket and put the underwear down and started putting condoms on the cock. Seeing this, his wife picked up a towel-sized cloth from nearby and laid it on her face, and lay down straight. I put on the condom and climbed onto the bed and came over it. I was going to fuck someone's wife like this for the first time. I liftedEscorts in Londonmaxi up to the thighs. He had red panties on his pussy. The shape of the pussy looked very protruding. Seeing this sight, now the man inside me woke up. I put my hand on her pussy from the top of the panties and the longing to enjoy the female body became more intense. I lifted the maxi to the top. Her hands were placed on top of her breasts, under which the maxi was buried. I slowly removed his hands from his chest and kept them on his side. Now I lifted her maxi to the nipples. Underneath the sister-in-law was not wearing a bra. He had brown nipples on his fair chestnuts whose knobs had become sharp and sharp.

I lay on top of the sister-in-law and put my face on one of her teats; I started sucking his teat by closing my eyesAfter two minutes sister-in-law's hand also came on my head andIndore Escortsstarted caressing my head. However, he did not remove the cloth from his mouth. I was not even getting the courage to take my sister-in-law's eyes and drink her teat and hit her pussy. I drank both the teats in turn. She was now more tan than before and had become quite tight. Then I came down kissing my sister-in-law's stomach and pulled her panties down. As soon as the panties were removed from the pussy, a beautiful dark-colored light haired pussy emerged in front of me. It was such a beautiful pussy that I felt like eating it. started licking the pussy and my sister-in-law's body ran like a current. He started crawling on the bedsheet with his fingers. whichshowed that she was getting hot. I licked my sister-in-law's pussy deep inside by giving my tongue and after some time her pussy began to swell and look more beautiful. Then when I touched the pussy with my palm, the sister-in-law's breath became deep. WithEscorts in Indorebreath, her nipples also started moving up and down. I put the middle finger in the pussy of my sister-in-law and she suddenly jumped. Slowly I started moving my finger inside outI did not have much time and now I could not even wait to fuck, so now I thought of hitting her pussy.

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