MBBS in Germany

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The medical profession is one of the classic in the world. Physicians around the world have worldwide respect and they are always appreciated. MBBS is the dream of many students, but only a few grow up to be doctors.

Germany is one of the fastest growing countries when studying MBBS. In recent years, the country has improved its education internationally by upgrading its universities. MBBS students come to Germany due to its advanced infrastructure and sophisticated technology. In Germany, this is well known for its highly organized education system, so if one wants to enroll in a medical degree, one must prepare oneself for strong competition.

In the medical world, German physicians work in some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, so it is not surprising that degrees from German universities are of the highest quality. With great government support and local encouragement, the German government has made a huge effort to make its country the best educational base in the world.

Why MBBS in Germany?

If you are looking for innovative teaching ideas, new courses in the field of medical sciences and access to a well-networked medical community, MBBS in Germany is the perfect choice. In addition to these benefits, Germany offers numerous financial benefits such as tuition fees close to zero, free travel for students, affordable accommodation and employment opportunities with attractive scholarships. It is very convenient to immigrate to the country after graduation. Moreover, it also opens the door to the whole EU. Here are some reasons to study for your MBBS degree in Germany:

Low cost: Germany is world renowned for its zero tuition fees and an MBBS in Germany is no exception. The average study cost is between five lakhs and eleven lakhs per year. In addition, a student can earn a stipend of 20,000 to 30,000 per year working as a trainer. The cost of living in the country is very low with cheap campus accommodation at most universities and free travel services for active students.

World Recognized: Universities for MBBS in Germany are one of the premier medical universities in the world. They are known for excellent-in-class education, modern equipment and energetic environment. They are accredited by various organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the United Nations (UN). They provide practical learning with modern technologies and practices.

EU Flexibility: Studying MBBS in Germany offers greater flexibility because it opens up job opportunities not only in the country but also in its EU sister countries. Since Germany is part of the EU, a graduate doctor can easily move around the EU without any restrictions.

Studying in English: One of the great benefits of pursuing medicine in Germany is that one does not need to know German. The course is available in both German and English. Note that English proficiency test is mandatory to apply for courses offered in English. Proficiency in German is an added bonus!

Increased vacancies: There is a significant demand for an MBBS in the medical field in Germany and the growing need for the fact that a German MBBS degree is valid in fraternal EU countries. Therefore, job opportunities are high after studying MBBS in Germany. A student can apply for a work permit after completing his degree.

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