MBBS in Italy

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MBBS in Italy has a remarkable reputation for providing higher medical education due to its high quality of education with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. Italy is one of the top medical universities recognized by leading organizations in the world including WHO, NMC UNESCO.

While studying medicine in Italy, you will not only have the opportunity to study at leading educational institutions, but also the opportunity to experience the vibrant Italian way of life. Number of students opting for MBBS in Italy with world class education in the medical field. It takes about 6 years to complete an MBBS course from Italy.

Top Universities in Italy

There are several medical institutions in Italy that offer MBBS programs to students around the world. Medical universities in Italy are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Italy, the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). ) And the Board of Education for Overseas Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and offers globally recognized MBBS degrees. Here is a list of major universities offering MBBS in Italy:

University of Humanities
University of Pisa (UNIPI)
University of Turin
University of Florence
University of Studies, Udin
University of Milan
Rome University of Biomedical Medicine
University of Barry
University of Bologna

University of Humanities
Also known as HoneyMet, the University of Humanitas is located in Milan and is one of the leading medical science institutes offering MBBS in Italy. The university offers a wide range of programs in the field of life sciences, ranging from 6-year undergraduate medicine, undergraduate surgery, postgraduate degrees to MDs and advanced training programs and doctoral courses. Specialized medical training is provided to medical students at the Humanitarian Hospital, which includes more than 400 physicians and research scholars and 22 high-tech laboratories and state-of-the-art medical facilities.

University of Pisa
Founded in 1343, the University of Pisa is a public university of twenty disciplines with advanced research centers working in the fields of computer science, medicine, engineering, astronomy, agriculture and veterinary medicine. It is also one of the best universities for MBBS in Italy as it offers excellent educational and research opportunities for those who want to study medicine. The institute is affiliated with the National Research Board's Bezan Institutions and has close ties with the IT industry in the country and cultural organizations of national and international importance.

University of Turin
One of the oldest and most prestigious Italian educational institutions, the University of Turin (UNITO) has 74,000 students and offers degree and diploma programs in all fields except engineering and architecture. The University offers MBBS as a 6-year program designed with an intermediate curriculum combined with rigorous medical training in health centers, hospitals and emergency departments. Furthermore, the University has established its research centers in the fields of clinical diagnosis, biosensoristics and nanotechnology, which provide students with ample opportunities to explore the field of research and development.

University of Florence
Originally established in 1321 as the Studium General (Medieval University), the University of Florence is another prestigious educational and research institution offering MBBS in Italy. It gained the status of an imperial university in 1364 and offers courses in various fields such as agriculture, education, arts, medicine and surgery, economics, pharmacy, political science and law.

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