Tips Before Kissing

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Tips Before Kissing

Fortunately, the symptoms of Allergy Syndrome due to kissing are mild or moderate in 70% of cases. But they can sometimes be more serious. Swelling of the face and throat, asthma, severe respiratory distress or even an allergic shock that can sometimes be fatal.

The first case, reported in 1997, was of a young woman who was allergic to pollen and was allergic to apples. Her lips are swollen and her mouth feels itchy after kissing her friend. He has just eaten an apple. In 2001, she developed a peanut allergy that appeared after a kiss. Then there are cases of five children who have severe allergies after a kiss from a relative.

Think before you kiss

So, we should think about systematically finding the kissing allergy syndrome in vulnerable people. First of all, allergies to pollen with food allergies to fruits and vegetables. Then, in people with food allergies, who react strongly to small amounts of their allergens.

Finally, in people who have allergies, but whose allergens are not clearly identified. In these cases, you need to visit on Islamabad call Girls, when inquiring about allergies, ask if the symptoms do not appear after a few minutes of kissing. As far as the kisser is concerned, he could eat the allergen for a few minutes to two hours before kissing the prey.

All foods can be charged: fruits (apples, kiwis, bananas), nuts (peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), fish or seafood, eggs, cow's milk.

It's not just deep kisses that can cause these accidents. Kisses on the lips, cheeks, neck, eyes can cause allergy accidents.

Patients with food allergies should be warned of the dangers involved. They should continue to treat their common allergic crisis. Depending on the severity of the case and the crisis, antihistamines, in combination with corticosteroids for swallowing if necessary. And for the most severe cases, injectable adrenaline.

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