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There are many situations in our love life that might benefit from the use of tarot cards to help us ponder, question, make decisions, and get insight into a scenario we don't fully comprehend.

The tarot cards are frequently consulted for guidance on love and relationships.

Become your own Cupid by learning how to read tarot cards on your own with a little practice.

Here's all you need to know about this topic.

When is the right time to consult a love fortune teller?
When it comes to love and romantic fortune telling, Friday is a particularly auspicious day since Venus, the planet of love and sexual desire, rules the day.

Full Moons are an excellent time to dig into your own intuition and follow your thoughts with tarot, since they are a period of heightened emotions and contemplation.

Making a Tarot spread
How many tarot cards you'll draw depends on the amount of questions you'll be asking. One card is awarded for each correct answer to a question.

Less is more when it comes to keeping things simple, therefore the less the better. Making a coherent "narrative" out of the many information you get is both a skill and an art form that improves with experience.

When it comes to card spreads, I'll never pull more than seven.

To show your affection, here are a few ideas...

If you're starting a new relationship, try these tips.

It's hard to put into words what binds us together.
What is it about me that people enjoy the most?
How can we best utilize our time?
What's the next step?
This advice is for a strained relationship:

Is it possible that we've hit a brick wall?
Is this a relationship they're really happy with?
What can we accomplish as a team?
How long do you think we should stay together?
To describe a previous relationship:

The reason behind our rift?
What are their current thoughts on us?
In what ways may this help me grow as a human being?
Will there ever be another spark between us?

How to use your tarot cards to find true love.
Decide on a layout and jot it down so it doesn't occupy space in your mind. After then, shuffle your cards and reflect on your connection to one another while you do. If any cards fall out or leap out while you're doing this, just put them down as part of your spread. Then you may poke or fan the cards on the floor until you find the ones you're drawn to.

Focus on one at a time, laying them out in the sequence of the spread. So that you may look back and reflect on it all in the end, take notes as you go.

In order to find out what each card's meaning is, consult your handbook. A little mental acrobatics will be required to connect the card's meaning with your inquiry, but that's exactly what tarot reading is all about: the leap of faith.

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