What Are The Two Types Of Cenforce Tablets?

Cenforce 100 is an antitoxin that is helpful in treating erectile Dysfunction in males.

Cenforce 100 is an antitoxin that is helpful in treating erectile Dysfunction in males. Due to this sexual problem many males faces an embarrassment in front of their life partner. Erectile Dysfunction is a problem when males fail to maintain an erection to have sex that is very important to have sex. Males feel shy to share such problems with anyone, even with the doctor too but it is very important to tell the doctor honestly about your problem and your previous health issues.

Cenforce 200 is another one such pill with the same component but different strength. Sildenafil Citrate, an energetic component, plays a role in the males body by doubling the quantity of blood around the pelvic area. For an erect penis, a quantitative amount of blood should be present in the chambers of penis. It takes only 15 minutes to function in the body after consuming and only a single pill is enough to make you feel pleasurable. Always remember you should take care of your health and take medication on time otherwise it will destroy your sexual life.


  • Cenforce 100 is a normal dose that is given at the starting of the erectile Dysfunction. Should be consumed as recommended by the doctor.
  • Cigarettes and intake of alcohol is not allowed.
  • Dizziness is another adverse effect observed in males due to which driving heavy vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  • Doctor instructions are your first priority.
  • Grapes juices limit the ability of the pill to function in the body so it should be avoided.
  • Women should be aware that it is not for them.
  • Having any sort of allergic reaction with the components present, Sildenafil Citrate calls for the doctor immediately.


  • Missed dose: Skipping your medicine or forgetting to take it can bring you in trouble so whenever you are reminded about your skipped medicine, take it immediately. But if your time of next dose is near then do not take the skipped one. Always remember to take on time as there is a gap of 24 hours between the two medicines.
  • Overdose: If after consuming the dose you do not feel any changes in your body then do not overdose on the pill. Talk to your doctor about the situation so that he can increase the composition of the pill. But do not take two pills yourself as it will be harmful for yourself.

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