Prospek Masa Depan Crypto Di Masa Depan Indonesia

Harga aset kripto bergerak naik pada perdagangan jelang tengah hari ini. Namun tetap tersedia risiko harga akan terkoreksi.

Crypto asset prices moved up in trading towards midday today. However, there is still a risk that the price will correct.

On Saturday (5/2/2022) at 11:39 WIB, BTC 1 was equivalent to US$ 41,480.49. Bitcoin gains 2.05% from the previous day at Joker123

Paul Spirgel, Market Analyst at Reuters, assessed that bitcoin trading was not very lively even though the exchange rate of the United States (US) dollar tends to weaken. Bitcoin price remains safe as online slot gambling is anchored by the 10 Daily Moving Average (10-DMA) at US$ 37,600/coin.

However, if the bitcoin price drops below US$ 40,000/coin, Spirgel believes that investors need to be wary. Because from there there is a risk of further correction.

Meanwhile at 11:44 WIB, ETH 1 was priced at US$ 3,019.21. Ether gained 2.15%.

Spirgel assesses ether has area to consistently rise. The closest target price for the joker123 slot is available at US$ 3,034.02/coin.


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