Marketing Books on Podcasts Works Wonders

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Podcasts today offer some of the most productive (and profitable) opportunities to promote a book. Everyone involved in book marketing services is on board with their effectiveness, and authors can have personal podcasts or appear as guests on other ones. They have fewer content restrictions than radio interviews, and each year their audience grows. Their rise has coincided with the increase in the popularity of blogs, and both reach niche audiences highly interested in a topic. It's the opposite of the previous mass media that reached large general audiences, many of who weren't interested in a book's subject.

One of the significant advantages of podcasts is their length. In traditional media, especially television, interviews are usually three to five minutes. Podcasts are commonly 30 or 60 minutes, giving you much more time to build a rapport with listeners. More extended conversations are more thoughtful and have a better chance of sparking someone's interest in buying and reading a book. For nonfiction authors, you can share your expertise on a topic and convince the audience of the helpful information you have to share. No two authors have a similar experience, but many sell books after a podcast.

Thought leadership is a crucial topic for authors, and the credibility it brings makes people want to read your book. One way to do it is to become a guest on multiple podcasts and reach target audiences with helpful information. Because there are many podcasts, it's not challenging to develop a list of the most influential ones on your topic and have publicists pitch you as a guest. Mixing those interviews with traditional media coverage and online visibility through social media can help reach target readers effectively. Podcasts also count as speaking engagements and are excellent for resume additions.

Everything that's internet-based, podcasts included, lives on for many years. People interested in hearing you can listen at their leisure, and you may find book sales from podcasts long after the release date. It's a nice dividend and one way your book PR campaign can live on for a long time. It's also likely that other podcasters may hear your interview and invite you to guest with them. Good conversations and advances on the topic can make you fresh as a guest over time. If you launch personal podcasts and promote them, you can have guests on yours who also can engage in a lively discussion on your topic.