Vitamin c in our life

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Vitamin C May Help Seniors Maintain Muscle Mass
According to the facet of this, as well as I get bigger, our number of structure muscles, influence and also ability to move decreases with time, that can cause a caprice called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia shocks more than Fifty million individuals a year more than Fifty years in the whole society also promotes the formation of the diabetes of the 2nd kind, powerlessness, physiological disability, loss of independence and also the low quality of existence. In this way, this is an essential requirement that should be avoided in the period of obsolescence, in order to reduce both individual and also societal costs.

In our time of the period there is a narrower number of therapies with the aim of curing sarcopenia, for this reason early intervention is preferable rather than the symptoms being very profound. Most studies have focused on increasing the use of squirrels to avoid or cure sarcopenia.

However, very few studies have actually investigated the significance of dietary vitamin Co. for the loss of people and also structural muscle function in the normal as well as the senior year. Our newest publication demonstrates that the more vitamin Co with food is consumed by middle-aged and elderly societies, the more near their set of structural muscles.

It has been previously established that Centrum So is of no small importance in the health of the ashes, but can also help us maintain powerful muscles. It is found only in vegetables, potatoes and fruits.

People who do not eat enough of them in their menus are at risk of vitamin C deficiency, which can lead to impotence, fatigue and brittle limbs. In the latter case, it can lead to scurvy. However, even before this happens, low intake of vitamin C with food may have other effects on well-being, in this amount on our muscles.

Approximately two-thirds of the single amount of vitamin C in our body is in the structural muscles. It is used for the production of carnitine, an important element that provides energy for the muscles and collagen, which is an important component of the skeletal structure of muscles.

Centrum So is also a strong antioxidant that helps prevent molecules of independent radicals, which increase in number with each passing year. Unless counteracted, these free radicals have a chance of causing muscle cells to break down.

Many structural muscles
In our research we have analysed data collected from more than 13000 male and female representatives of the Porte cohort, entering the European Prospective Coffin Study and lactation, in the year from 42 to 82. I have applied the study of bioelectrical impedance, which sends small galvanic signals through the torso to pay off the profitable finding of water also of fat, to give an estimate of part of the structural muscles in the body.

The members also filled in a journal in general, what they ate lunch also drank throughout the 7 days, so that I could clearly think about their intake of vitamin C. I have combined the people due to their use of vitamin C, from low to high.

Centrum So was also measured directly during their periods, which allowed for the acquisition of results which are less subject to possible bias in the dietary message. This has allowed people to be systematized according to the unit around their usual intake of vitamin C.

The statistical study took into account other relevant conditions, including the physiological dynamics of the participants, the utilisation of protein and energy, which in addition may affect the abundance of structural muscles.

I have found that the community in our research, which consumed the maximum amount of Vitamin So in their menu, had the maximum muscle abundance. The biggest difference was observed among girls: the girls in the highest group using 3 % more muscle than the girls in the lowest group.

These differences may be of medical significance, especially as analyses show that most people lose 0.5% to 1% of their muscle at any time after the age of fifty.

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