Mobile Commerce Development Services

One of the chief reasons to choose mobile eCommerce app development is increased brand visibility. It can help you reach a wider audience, increase customer engagement, promote your brand, and generate higher ROI.

Consumers today make purchases on the go and conduct research across numerous displays, but the mobile phone remains their favorite device for shopping online. Mobile transactions are rapidly increasing, while desktop usage is on the decline.

In-app transactions have grown by 22% year over year, according toCriteos Global Commerce Review. In most parts of the world, mobile already accounts for more than half of all online payments, and in-app purchases are the most common ones. The enhanced experience provided by apps is the reason for their increasing popularity.

Businesses of all sizes are upgrading their on-the-go experiences with e-commerce apps as more consumers turn to their smartphones to shop.

Are you someone who wants to accomplish business growth by joining the e-commerce market with a tailored Noon clone app?

Lets find out how much it costs to develop an e-commerce app like the Noon app. But instead of focusing just on the e-commerce app development cost, you should examine the factors we have covered in this blog before beginning the process.

What are e-commerce apps?

The e-commerce mobile applications are fast replacing the e-commerce websites, which were introduced as a revolution brought by advancements in technology.

In laymans terms, an e-commerce app is a software program designed to run on mobile and tablet devices. In essence, it performs the same functions as an e-commerce website, but in a much more efficient and user-friendly manner.

Ease of use is a critical requirement in an app. Mobile-first interface, quick loading, secure checkout, and instant access from the home screen are some of the reasons why shoppers choose mobile apps for shopping.

The huge popularity of a multi-vendor e-commerce site like Noon in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries has inspired retailers to adopt this new trend to capitalize on its success.

E-commerce apps A market overview

The online business trend has shown remarkable growth post-pandemic. It is expected that the B2B e-commerce site sales will reach nearly $2.44 trillion by 2025.

E-commerce apps - A market overview

Another market research report states that the global e-commerce market is expected to grow at acompound annual growth rate of 22.9%from 2020 to reach $16,215.6 billion by 2027.

The post-pandemic world has enforced businesses to shift from retail stores to digital shopping stores. Many questions pop up when preparing yourself for such a drastic change, like, what is Noon and how much does such an eCommerce app development cost? Or how to create something like Noon?

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