Netgear Extender not showing on network list Solution

Netgear Extender not showing on network list Solution

hen extender not showing on network list, Dont Panic!

As, the problem is quite easy to fix! You simply need to troubleshoot Routers network. And, in case the error prevails then, try repairing the network settings on device like computer.

Now, GET.. SET.. and GO!! -netgear router not showing up

Causes of missing Extender network (SSID) name

Its vital to know the reasons so, you can understand the problem and troubleshoot it with relevant solution.

#Reason 1: Partial Network Installation

When you install a network, make sure you are typing the correct credentials and address provided by your ISP.

Also,check for the next factors on list- as, they may also cause trouble with network setup.

#Reason 2: Disabled Network Connection

You need to open Network adapter settings- right-click on the network name you wanted to use- then, check for any ENABLE option in the drop-down menu.

#Reason 3: Outdated or No network drivers

Ifyou have tried all thats said above then, open Device Manager and scroll down to Network section- expand and right-click on each option - and , choose Update network drivers.

Note:Update one network driver at a time.

#Reason 4: Weak Signal

Most importantly, if your router has a poor Internet service then, none of the other solutions can help. So, to fix the slow Internet issue- you need to either troubleshootrouterlogin.netsettings OR computer network configuration.

For detailed solution, you may ask Router Login Support team.

#Reason 5: Corrupt Firmware

Virus, Trojan, or other malware can infect the device in a way that if you download any new firmware update for router or extender, it will get corrupt.

Thus, scan the device and try to get rid of any virus on device.

#Reason 6: Distance between router and extender

Everyone knows that there must be least of obstructions between the router and extender. Also, your extender should not be placed in the dead zone of the place.

Lastly, the distance between the ROUTER-EXTENDER-DEVICE like computer should be only half-way.

Resolve Netgear Extender not showing on network list

After knowing the reasons and the simplest solution above, if you still cant see SSID (network name) of range extender then, follow the steps given in sequence below:

1. Open any browser window andlogin mywifiext.netusing valid credentials.

2. Enter the GUI of Netgear Extender and tap on Wireless option in left-pane.

3. Next, scroll down to check the boxes in front of options:

Enable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Enable 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi

4. Then, check the SSID values assigned to both the networks. If you see the same name then, change the value for one of the networks.

Note:This SSID value is the network name that you wish to display on the list.

5. Later, set the accurate channel value for both the network bands and set security option: WPA-2 [AES].

6. After applying these settings, if you still cant see the SSID (network name) then, change the DHCP value to static IP under network adapter settings.

7. Later, upgrade the firmware of both-router and extender. In case, you failed during the process, see how to recover fromfailed Netgear firmware updateprocess.

With this effective troubleshooting, soon youll see the extender SSID on network list. However, if still name of your Extender not showing on network list then, see the steps on how tofix Cant Find Netgear Range Extender Network Name SSID.

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