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  1. Why are barrels important?

There are certain Gun Partswhich can make or break a gun. Its true and a proven fact. Any weapon is a machine it has certain important parts that decide whether it is going to function well or not.

One part which is proven its place to be of the highest order is called the barrel. It can be found in nearly all types of weapons. In a rifle, it plays the most important role.

Lets understand why the barrel is important in the AR-15 rifle. First, we are going to discuss the importance the of barrel itself.

The barrel is responsible for firing the bullet and giving it in the right direction. It is as simple as that. Due to this many people call it single-handedly the most important part of the rifle.

Once a barrel is chosen and fitted it wont be possible to change. Period. In such a case it is important to research well and select the most appropriate barrel.

These tubes are made up of steel which ensures durability. They are attached to the rifle by a joint known as a barrel extension. As bullets travel through it when the shot is fired, the barrel must be manufactured systematically.\

The variables such as quality, length, weight, finishing, temperature, inner and outer diameter, surface texture, etc determine the efficiency of the AR-15 barrel.

We cannot afford the tube to be even a little bent. It can result in a catastrophic result. Because the speed, direction and accuracy will e affected first and any innocent bystander can get heavily injured.

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