Singapore chefs explain why caviar is popular and how they use it in their dishes

Singapore chefs explain why caviar is popular and how they use it in their dishes

Among a truly impressive plethora of delicacies that capture our taste for the finest in gastronomy, few have enthralled so many and for so long as prized caviar.

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With a history for winning over the most noble of appetites from as far back as ancient Rome, the fact that these tiny pearls of unfertilised salt-cured sturgeon fish eggs are still considered the epitome of luxury says a lot about its enduring appeal.

And this is despite the fact that overfishing for just their eggs has driven the Beluga (which nearly went extinct), as well as a few other varieties of the 27 species of sturgeon in the wild, onto the International Union for Conservation of Natures list of critically endangered species.

Thanks to a greater awareness about the foods we eat, though, its no surprise that the best restaurants anywhere in the world that feature true caviar be it the Kaluga, Oscietra, Sevruga or the Beluga have opted for nothing less than the highest quality farmed alternatives. Fact is, most of the best caviar today are farmed.

It could also be said that the successful aquaculture of high value sturgeons over the last few decades has led to a growing appreciation for a wider range of caviar, including lesser known picks such as Royal Belgiums white pearl caviar (from the Albino Sterlet) and Sturias uniquely lightly salted Gueldenstaedtii caviar, that top chefs and avid consumers around the globe have embraced with surprising enthusiasm.

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