Phil Gordon Q&A on All Things Situs Judi Online

A: Ninety percent of the “professional players” I know have some serious “leaks” that affect their ability to hold on to their money.

Situs Judi Online Pro Phil Gordon did a recent interview with those folks over at Freakonomics. Phil has always been an keen observer and no-holds commentator on the real life of the professional Situs Judi Online player. Here are a few of this comments.

Q: What percent of your success would you say is attributable to randomness?

You might need to set aside players like Doyle Brunson here or maybe just up the number to 20 or 30 but Phil's point is correct. There are several bookkeepers and more than ten chiropractors who would be well known Situs Judi Online professionals today if that one river card had gone the other way. By the same token, there are a couple of guys walking around with a WSOP bracelet on their wrist who should get out before variance brings them down to their true skill level.

Several of the questions had to do with professional players and their gambling habits, I have grouped those answers togetherSitus Judi Online for Phil's harsh but realistic assessment of Situs Judi Online professionals and money management.

Q: What percentage of professional Situs Judi Online players would you consider to be compulsive gamblers?

Whether its playing too big for their bankroll or betting on sports or casino games, these leaks have a way of keeping many of them completely broke no matter how much they win on the tournament circuit.

One of the requirements to be a great player is being able to divorce yourself from money and its value. Making good decisions at the Situs Judi Online table means that you must have the ability to put a Ferrari in the pot if its right to do so. That lack of respect for the buying power of money leads to financial problems for many of the best players in the world.

Q: What are the finances of some of the top pros like?

A: Some: poor, reckless, with no shot at improving long-term. Others: multi-million dollar mansions, $5-plus million a year income, and no financial worries. If I had to guess, I would say about 50 percent of the name pros you see on television on a regular basis have a negative net worth.

As I said, harsh but true.

And some Situs Judi Online advice for us from Mr. Gordon, which might run contrary to the accepted wisdom.

Q: What skill is more important in Holdem: discipline in the range of hands you play, or the ability to read the other player?

A: Hand selection is the most important in my opinion. A blind guy who has good hand selection skills could win a world championship. A guy with 20/15 vision who picked up all the tells but played every hand might never win.

Q: What is the most dangerously deceiving starting hand for an amateur player in Texas Holdem?

A: Its a tie AQ, KQ, and QJ. Those are death hands to be avoided at all costs, especially if your opponent has made any aggressive move pre-flop.


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