Activate The Weather Channel on Fire Stick

The Weather Channel directly within the YouTube TV app/interface. This is something that, sadly, is still limited to cable providers, and we’re not sure it will change anytime soon.

Fire Stick is a streaming service provided by Amazon which allows you to stream content through apps and available channels.

  • To activate on Fire Stick:
  • Download The Weather Channel app on your Fire Stick
  • Open the app and follow the instructions to get an activation code
  • Visit and enter the code
  • Once activated, open the app settings on your Fire Stick
  • Choose your location and preferred alerts

You can now watch your weather news and alerts on your Fire Stick.

How to connect The Weather Channel to YouTube TV

Unfortunately, theres no way to get local weather updates from The Weather Channel directly within the YouTube TV app/interface. This is something that, sadly, is still limited to cable providers, and were not sure it will change anytime soon. But, there is an alternative that brings local forecasts to The Weather Channel for YouTube TV subscribers.

Thats through The Weather Channel TV app, which is available on Android TV/Google TV as well as Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku. In time, the app is also coming to Vizio and Xfinity Flex. The app is, sadly, not available for smartphones or tablets.

To link The Weather Channel app to your YouTube account, youll need to download The Weather Channel app. But, youll need to do so specifically on your TV. After installing, youll be greeted with a setup screen that asks you to sign up for the subscription service, or link your cable TV provider the latter supports YouTube TV.

After visiting the listed URL from a computer or smartphone, you can search for YouTube TV and then link your account. This process only takes a moment. Once account details are gathered, type in the activation code and youre good to go. The app on your TV will automatically refresh with support for streaming The Weather Channel live, or showing on-demand content.

Streaming alternatives to The Weather Channel

Yeah, it's ridiculous that The Weather Channel isn't everywhere, because it really should be. But that doesn't mean there aren't alternatives.

  • One such option is Local Now. (For which TWC is a weather provider.) It's not as slick as TWC proper, but it does have the same sort of "Locals on the 8s" thing.
  • Where to get Local Now? Sling TV has it in both its Orange and Blue plans . There's also an app for Amazon Fire TV(opens in new tab). And there's also a Local Now channel on Roku(opens in new tab) , it's available on Fubo, and also available on YouTube TV. And there are apps for Android and for iOS(opens in new tab).
  • Or if you want an even more-affordable option, you can get AccuWeather on Philo for just $20 a month.
  • This is one of those gray areas (OK, it's not really a gray area), and maybe it's a little more work than it should be. But whatever.
  • You can stream a live feed of The Weather Channel's website in a desktop browser, and then use Apple's AirPlay or Google's Chromecast to send that tab over to a TV.
  • Oh, and a catch you'll need to have a cable login (from anyone other than Comcast) to sign in first. Maybe you tripped and landed on one and lo and behold, it works. Whatever. We're not going to judge too much.
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