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First, you must sign up your account with Amazon. These are the steps needed to sign up and create an Amazon account. - Create Amazon Account Process

First, you must sign up your account with Amazon. These are the steps needed to sign up and create an Amazon account.

Start a browser. You are able to choose one of the browsers on the internet like Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari on your device. Then navigate to the search bar.

Enter and then press the button 'Enter.

Click on the 'New To Amazon' section.

There will be a section "Create Your Amazon account". Click it.

It will ask you some questions you must answer. Fill in the required information, like the name of your email address, email address, etc.

Continue to the next tabs, then click on the 'Create an Amazon Account" button.

Log into your email account now and follow the link in the email that you've been sent the OTP.Following this, you'll be able to receive the Amazon Prime One Time Password (OTP) to confirm the account.

Verify that you've filled in the right OTP because the OTP will arrive to your mobile number that you have registered or your verified email address.

Enter your OTP in the appropriate field, then press the "CONTINUE" button.

If you'd like to modify your membership and change into a paid Amazon Prime Membership.

Log in to your credit card details to be a prime member for one year.

Instructions on how to activate Amazon Prime video on

Before you begin the process of activating, you must verify whether the device you are using is ineligible to receive Amazon prime videos or not.To do this, you do not need to go through a lengthy procedure. Just go to your app's store and channel store on the device.You can then look to find Amazon Prime Video.If you come across Amazon Prime video on the application or channel, then you are able to proceed with the process, but not if you don't.Take a look at the steps below to enable Amazon Prime video on your device.

Turn on the device and ensure it's connected to the internet.

Log into the store for channels or applications and look to find Amazon Prime Video channel or application.

Once you have found Amazon Prime Video add it as a channel, or install it on your device.

After installation, run the app and log into Your Amazon Prime Video account. If you're new to Amazon Prime Video then click "create an account".

Once you log in, a brand new screen will be displayed from you, with the confirmation code or activation code for the device. The code is unique, it means that for various devices, you require different codes.

Make use of a device to the internet like a laptop or a computer, and then open with the browser.

Log in into your Amazon accounts, or register an account if you're new to Amazon.

After logging in, you'll be asked for your activation code. Enter the activation number of the device and then click"Verify My Device" "Verify my device".

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