Turkish Airlines' seating regulations (Covid-19)

As an honest initiative by the airlines to support the less spread of Coronavirus, Turkish Airlines isn't offering services to the center seats on their airplanes. Also, the airlines limit the passenger's strength in their every airplane and cargo.

Well, we all know that the COVID-19 outbreak caused any disturbances within the aviation industry. Many airlines have changed their policies as per the Coronavirus effect. Turkish Airlines also has some needed policy changes supported seating arrangements due to COVID-19. As rough info, travelers weren't allowed to form Turkish Airlines Booking for middle seats. the upper authorities of Turkish Airlines blocked the booking of middle seats to need the care of proper social distancing while flying. This was really a really good initiative by the airlines to assist the govt. . to stop the spread of COVID-19. Every passenger who booked the center seats will get a refund as per their travel class (before the 23rd of October).

Turkish Airlines is now enabling the high-end technologies in their airplanes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the utilization of high-quality masks and high-end air filtering systems that provide fresh air to the passengers throughout the journey. This amazing air filtering system added with the HEPA filtered air refills the cabin with fresh air every two to 3 minutes. The team of Turkish Airlines works on gathering and analyzing the Coronavirus symptoms and prevention. The airlines are moving with the prime focus to supply high-end protection to the passengers, which incorporates wearing the sole quality masks, proper cleaning, HEPA filters, and fresh air on-board.

As a customer-centric airline organization, Turkish Airlines provides a full refund to the passengers who booked the center seat of their airplanes before the 23rd of October from the first of December to later. Turkish Airlines advises their valuable customers to attach with the customer service representatives by dialing Turkish Airlines Call Center to know this seating arrangement policy better. it'll be an honest move to first understand the policy before booking or onboarding Turkish Airlines.

The customer care representatives are becoming to be 24/7 available to supply you with the right guidance with the seat arrangement policy. you'll also connect with officials for the queries associated with your booking queries, refund, change of flight, and cancelation process. they are going to indeed assist you with the sole possible solutions for your queries. The trusted passengers of Turkish Airlines are becoming to be notified via email or SMS about the longer-term change within the middle seat booking restrictions. Get in-tuned with the representative to urgently updated first. you'll also visit the official website of Turkish Airlines for better insights.

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