Reddit’s r/Place returns this April Fools’ Day

Reddit’s r/Place returns this April Fools’ Day

Reddit, in its blog post on Monday, revealed its return with the r/Place April Fools Day art experiment for up to four days commencing on April 1st. According to the blog post, this attempt will ensure showing off how magical can the online communities, conversation, and collaboration are, says Alex Le, Reddit executive vice president for strategy and special projects.

On its launch on April 1st, 2017, the r/Place board was evident with a large grid featuring white pixels, which allowed Reddit users to place the colorful pixel by tapping on the surface once every five minutes. It garnered huge popularity among 1 million users who tiled up the grid with around 16 million pixels all over, including some unpleasant and strange images as well. The r/Place board is an innovation by Josh Wardle, the creator of the famous word puzzle named Wordle, after his name.

This year, you can access the latest adaptation of r/Place by opening your Reddit account and looking for r/Place on the Widget icon that begins with the letter P. You can find it at the top of your Reddit home page. You can also get into it using Reddits community drawer available in the app. Once opened on your screen, you can begin with the placements of tiles into the grid. However, logging into your account is a necessary action in case you wish to place a tile. If not logged in, you may still be able to see the page featuring the grid in real-time, though you wouldnt be able to place the tiles yourself. As mentioned above, the span for this activity should be of four days, the last date being April 5th at midnight ET.

Moreover, Le furthers, We look forward to seeing what collaboration happens on r/place this year and learning how we can better our platform.

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