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emain, you can remove it and our soup is ready look how yummy it looks, I am adding some lemon juice in it we will serve it it is very delicious guys, don't think that it is gourd soup so it won't be good look how thick

is amazing for you very good for your skin and hair, is very hydrating we will transfer it into another container, I am filtering it if you want creamy soup then filter it, else you can drink it as it is only this much will r is it's consistency it looks very yummy, add some black pepper on it it's ready to serve, it's yummy, delicious and very very filling and excellent superb for weight loss, do try this so guys this was our Gourd or Ghiya Soup it is very tasty if you feel that I don't like gourd then the soup won't be good do try it once, you will definitely like it so guys if you don't want to take gourd soup here are 3 amazing soup recipe on my channel, you

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