Hot Bodies and Express Caskets — Scary Deliveries? We’re Not Spooked!

We want everyone to know we are still open and available 24 hours, 7 days a week during this health crisis. Our drivers are using gloves and taking other precautions to try to minimize risk. We are available for routine deliveries, but can also do prescriptions and medical pickups, bank de

Dealing with the useless may be scary. Yet no longer even useless bodies or Halloween can rattle the bones of Essential Couriers in terms of presenting carrier above and beyond the decision of obligation.

When the Late Cant be Late to Their Own Funeral

One of our clients, a mortuary, fell behind schedule in cremating a body due to troubles getting the demise certificate signed and filed. They couldnt begin cremation till the morning of the provider. Panicked, they sent us to the crematorium to select up what changed into left of the body. (We usually simply deal with paperwork for them. Honest!)

Our driving force received hot ashes, immediately from the oven (in an urn, of route!) and rushed them over to in which the circle of relatives became ready. The moment he exceeded off the still-warm ashes, the funeral service started out. He were given it treated in the nick of time.

Heartless Morticians, Express Caskets

Another purchaser sells caskets over the Internet, offering buyers with specific shipping within 24 hours. Apparently, a few mortuaries dont take kindly to losing the insane mark-up they get hold of on caskets and they have scary approaches to take it out on good buy-searching mourners.

We were delivering an Internet-ordered casket to at least one such mortuary. When we arrived, it became clean that they might do not anything to assist. They anticipated the grieving family to receive the casket and put together messenger service it for the body! Now, those caskets weigh some hundred kilos and the clients were all ladies bearing the weight of deep grief. Our motive force turned into in disbelief as to how a whole lot of a jerk this funeral domestics rep changed into being to these folks whod just lost a loved one and were clients as well.

Normally, our job is to just pick up a package deal and deliver it. But our motive force was so outraged that he borrowed a cart from the mortuary, unloaded the casket, driven it where it needed to go, unwrapped it and discarded all of the trash. Then he expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family and left, understanding hed made their lives a bit less difficult on a totally tough day.

So regardless of how dire or deadly your shipping project may also seem, recognise that none of it scares us. Essential Couriers: Small sufficient to care, massive sufficient to supply and fearless, even within the face of Halloween!

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