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There is no such thing as a news story free of bias. Everything, from the choice of words to the decision on what counts as newsworthy, is affected by the prejudices of the journalist and the news outlet. This means that the ideal strategy for keeping up with current events is to see the news as a buffet rather than as something you should be forced to choose from.

Online news aggregation companies like Google News share content from multiple news providers throughout the world, employing algorithms instead of letting humans decide. You have the option of narrowing your search to political news exclusively, or to just include stories from the United States rather than from across the world. Instead of being blind to some stories, you'll be able to keep up with the latest headlines from across the world. Human-written articles with some (or more) prejudice will still be part of your reading experience, but you'll be exposed to a wider range of viewpoints on the same subject.

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Getting your US news from a foreign country may seem paradoxical at first, but there are several reasons to include international news sources among your regular routine.

In the face of so much bias and slant, many Americans have started to acquire their news from international news channels. The British BBC has become considered as one of the most trusted and objective news sites accessible, and with regular American content from both US and international correspondents, it can be an educational and often eye-opening place to look for US and international coverage.

International news sites may be more distant from the emotions, drama, and media circus occurring stateside, and occasionally can present a more serious perspective. In addition, international news websites are excellent resources for learning about the candidates' positions on foreign policy and other global concerns. One websites that have all those characteristics is https://washingtonindependent.com/ where you can find the latest news about every corner in the world!