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ELM Databases, commonly referred to as the Electronic Library for Minnesota, is a collection of databases that can be accessed by citizens of Minnesota, as well as inhabitants of Minnesota schools and libraries. The Electronic Library of Minnesota (ELM) database offers online access to a wide variety of information resources, including periodicals such as magazines and journals, newspapers, encyclopedia articles, and more. Information is offered by ELM on a wide range of subjects, including consumer information, arts and humanities, current affairs, health, science, social sciences, politics, and business. Learn more about ELM databases by reading the information contained in this article.

Local libraries or school media centers, Minitex and State Library Services, and the Minnesota State Library Agency are the organizations that make the ELM Database available to users. The ELM Database is supported by funding from the state of Minnesota's Department of Higher Education and Department of Education, as well as funding from the federal government's LSTA. As a component of the Institute's support for the services provided by museums and libraries.

The mission of the Minnesota legislature is to ensure that residents of the state have access to the highest quality information resources at all levels of education, from kindergarten through higher education, as well as in the local, state, and federal governments, and in public libraries.

Where can someone access the ELM Database?
ELM database access is provided free of charge to all citizens of Minnesota, regardless of age or area of interest. You can access ELM online wherever you are—at school, at home, at the office, or at a public library—24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the state of Minnesota, institutions such as school media centers (K-12), college and university libraries, public libraries that are part of regional public library systems, and municipal, state, and government libraries are all covered by the current ELM license.

Do You Require Assistance to Access the ELM Databases?
You are welcome to follow the instructions that are provided below in order to increase your knowledge of the ELM databases, how to gain access to them, and how to make better use of them.

The specialists at Minitex Librarian are available to conduct free workshops that are tailored to meet your specific requirements, and some of the topics covered are as follows:

Video presentations for more extensive audiences.
Webinars that are interactive and focused, specifically suited for groups with fewer members.

discussions and instruction given on an individual basis.

ELM implements a concept called "train-the-trainer" to assist in encouraging and empowering users and students to make use of the incredible free database resources that are available. Additionally, ELM provides you with guidance on how to locate credible resources for both your personal and professional endeavors. They don't collect any fees for the workshops they host. ELM professional development CEUs are also available upon request. You can visit the official portal just clicking in thenext link https://elm4you.org/ and start using the ELM digital libraries in your research.